Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

What was once a bedtime rhyme, is now the most common super pest there is. Bedbugs have evolved over the decades, becoming more and more immune to standard chemicals on today's market. Our thermal heat techniques kill Bedbugs in their place. Our thermal treatment reaches temperatures of 140F (60C) to ensure all life stages are eliminated. Our extensive history battling large infected apartment buildings, residential homes, businesses, and cottages allows us to offer the confidence of a guarantee on being Bedbug free. Certified by The North American Bedbug Training Center. We now have access to an even more efficient solution. We've acquired a propane unit capable of heating an entire home in just one day.

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Whether it is summer or winter, ants will find a way to disrupt your home life. Good Riddance integrated approach will ensure your home is Ant free. From carpenter ants to pavement ants, we know how to deal with these unwelcome visitors.

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If you are not satisfied with the services provided to you within the guarantee period, you will receive a full money back refund!

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Good Riddance Pest Control is locally owned and operated by brothers, Tom and Geoff Richardson. Their journey into the world of pest remediation resulted from their collective 30 years of being landlords. They saw firsthand how effective and regular pest control measures are essential to cultivating a safe and comfortable living environment for all.

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What our customers think

Amazing service!! After finding a crazy amount of spiders in my house, (at least 2 or 3 everyday) I needed someone to come asap and spray. Good riddance came within 2 days and sprayed inside and out. I have not seen a spider since and I could not be happier. 100% recommend!!

Shan Lindsay

Just had my house sprayed for 🕷 spiders. Service was excellent! They were very professional, fast and easy to deal with. I highly recommend if you are in the market 👌

Jennifer Cross

Thanks for the quick service helping with our little attic visitors!

Jamie Martyn

Awesome team! Very dedicated community leaders

Al McDonald, Mayor of North Bay

Great service, solved the problem! Have recommended to my clients, and they were taken care of with excellence!

Jon Standing, Owner of Outstanding Services

Very responsive, punctual, and professional. We had a yellow jacket problem but I wasn't sure where the nest was initially. They were very helpful and informative on the phone and reassured me they would search our property and take care of any issues. I did end up finding the nest, quite by accident! They booked us in quick and were here on time. Took care of the yellow jackets and we feel much more safe. Thank you.

Ashlee Smith

Had a bed bug issue and at first was completely lost tom showed up and was right into curing my issue. I can't even really come up with a single down side or complaint - they showed up. Conquered and I'm back in home in a matter of a couple days with not a bug to be seen. I mean we all hope these issues never happen to us but if it does, I will not be worried at all - I'll call tom 👌👌 thanks again

Brandon Brown

I had my property sprayed for spiders for the first time last year. They were very prompt in their reply as well as providing the service I ordered. It definitely made a huge difference and I will most certainly be rebooking again this year! I strongly recommend giving them a try, you will definitely be glad you did!

Sarah Anderson

Man, you're not going to find a nice or more professional outfit than these guys. We were quoted so much for an initial service at our home to rid us of an ant problem in the yard. They were right on time for our appointment, and while here for the ants, they noticed an abundance of webs around our outside lights, and we worked out a very reasonable deal to spray our whole house for spiders as well, my wife was sooo happy! Topping it all off they returned a week later to re-spray my yard for the ants (ours was a big infestation), and they then took the extra time (and product) to spray for a bee's nest it turned out I also had. Now that's customer service! It doesn't get much better than that folks!!!

Jason Lamoureux

I use Good Riddance for rodent control at my business. The best customer service and great prices too! Highly recommend. This year we did a spider spray as well. Worked great!

Katy Latimer

They came out to both our business and home to take care of our creepy crawlers, highly recommend! Very professional they take pride in their work and it shows! They truly go above and beyond and do more than the bare minimum!

Stephanie Turpin

Took care of issues three years running at our home. If there was going to be a rescheduling due to inclement weather - they have us “heads up” notice. Staff are very courteous - lead by example from the owners !

Jeff Serran

My husband and I could not be present during the service call. However, my parents met Darcy at our home. My father wanted to share how professional and efficient Darcy was during the service call.

Shannon Caya

These guys are Rock Stars!! They were fast and efficient not to mention compassionate to their customer and their situation. Going over and above. I can't say enough to these guys for what they did for my family. Thanks guys, you are all the Rock Stars of my year!

Heather Savard

Excellent customer service, great prices and they take their time making sure the get every spot possible. Will definitely use them again

Kelly Whittet

I would like to give a big shout out to Geoff and the employees at Good Riddance!! We moved into our home in the winter and came to the horrible discovery of having a major ant problem the following spring. We like having company but not in this manner. My wife wouldn't sleep in our master bedroom as we would be awoken in the night by ants crawling on our bed!! It was terrible and we had to make a decision. Either have them cleaned up or burn our newly purchased home to the ground!!! We decide to call Good Riddance and they were very prompt and got our problem under control. They have sprayed and fogged our home this spring and we have not seen any ants since!!! They have saved our sleep schedule and a home!!!! Thank you so much for your great service and timely manner in which you completed this service for us. Want to know what is bugging me??? Now absolutely nothing!!!!!

Adam Harwood
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